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Internet Safety Workshop

Monday 9th March 2015 7.00pm - 9.00pm

The P.T.A. will host this event and it is for all parents.  The information will be particularly relevant for parents of children in P4 - P7.

This was a not to be missed evening for all parents.  Showing how we can monitor and keep our children safe in this ever increasing technological age.  There were some frightening statistics of just how easily young children can access inappropriate material from the internet and on social media sites.  The evening advised parents of the controls they can put in place as an open internet is unsafe for children.    It demonstrated the skills needed to control unwanted content and to provide a safe internet for your family.

Family Bingo Night 

Thursday 5th March 2015 6.30pm - 8.00pm

This was a marvellous evening with Mr.Spillane as caller.  There were lots of winners and many parents who would like to make this a regular event,  At the start of the evening the parents were invited to listen to two gentlemen from the department of education.  Then it was the serious business of 'eyes down!' to two little ducks and legs eleven.  Well done to everyone who gave it a go and to all the PTA who organised the evening and provided the refreshments.


Mum's Fitness evening was last February.  This was open to the children bringing a female family member to a fitness evening. both adult and child were involved in taking part in a keep fit session. The children brought their mum, aunt, grandmother or older sister. A fun evening for all involved.

Dad's Fitness evening was last January and it was very well attended.  The children and dads learnt football skills and competed in a little match at the end.  The children of course beat the dads and much fun and increased heart beats was had by all.

Fancy Dress Party

The children were all allowed to dress up for the day.  There was a disco run by the P.T.A. These are some of the prize winners.