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Bingo Family Night

Thursday 9th November 2023 at 6.30pm

Eyes down for a great night of family fun. Legs 11, all on its own number 5, two fat ladies 88 all the phrases will be there. Come along and win some prizes. All to help raise funds for the outdoor areas your child gets to use. 
Tickets are £5 for a book and then £3 for any extra books. 
There will be refreshments(included in the price) at the break and a small tuck shop will be available too. Look forward to seeing you there. 

 Hazelwood Integrated PS on 27.9.2023

Let’s Learn Together’ training looks at the impact of developmental trauma on learning. It examines attachment styles and explores executive functioning and how early trauma can impact on this.
This learning opportunity has been designed to support education practitioners & all those working with children who are struggling with life in the classroom. It is delivered by qualified teachers who are adoptive parents.
Outcomes of the training:
• Develop knowledge and understanding about why school can be challenging for adopted, looked after and other children who struggle
• Understand how trauma and attachment difficulties can impact on learning and behaviour
• Learn strategies to help support a child’s emotional regulation and cognitive development
What others have said:
“The training was over and beyond what we expected. There was so much relevant content, practical strategies.“
‘The presentation was exceptionally informative, motivating and accessible. Information on attachment made sense of the behaviour of children in school. Great strategies for teachers and classroom assistants.’ (SENCO)
“As a teacher, I think this will help me be more considered and mindful of my approaches. It’s a steady learning curve but the advice given today really made me see things so clearly from the point of view of the child” (Teacher)

There will be