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The Transport Museum

The Nursery all went on a wonderful trip to the Transport Museum. We travelled in a big double decker bus to Central Station and then in a train to Cultra.  The children enjoyed exploring all the different kinds of transport. It was fun to get on board the trains. They were very surprised to see fire engines were pulled by horses in the olden days!

The Nursery took part in Sports Relief.  We walked around the school twice.  In true Nursery spirit we joined the classes and every child in Mrs Douglas's class held a hand of a child in Mrs McBride's class. 

The Adventure Playground

Letting our Butterflies Go

Easter Egg Hunt

Learning Fundamental Movement with Staffy

Rachael from 321 came to Nursery to teach the children about how important it is for them to look after their teeth.  They need to eat healthily, avoiding too many sugary snacks.  They need to visit their dentist regularly and brush their teeth at least twice a day.  We brush them everyday after dinner time in the Nursery.

The Nursery Photoshoot

Coffee Morning in the Nursery

The Nursery in the Woods

Barney the Bear came in to teach the children about eating healthily and taking exercise.

P.C.Lynne McCullough

As part of our topic 'People Who Help Us' Lynne visited the Nursery to teach the children about the Role of the Police.  The children all enjoyed trying on the police hats.