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Getting Ready to Learn

Stay and Play

Big Bedtime Read

We had a super pyjama party which was well attended by children, parents, grand parents, siblings and friends.  They played boards games, had toast and milk for their supper, brushed their teeth and then enjoyed a great story together.  Then all home to bed.

Happy Healthy Kids

Happy Healthy Kids is to encourage the children to be active and lead a healthy lifestyle.  Their parents joined us for a trip to the woods.  This showed the parents how far their child walks when we go to the woodlands and the fun and exercise the children have each week.  There was great excitement as we also had our break in the woods. 

Education Works

Education Works shows parents lots of ideas of how to help their Nursery child at home.  It lets them see how they learn through play in Nursery and how they can support their child in their home environment.  We recently had a Stay and Play session which was attended by many parents.