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Primary 2 Mrs Megarry's Class making their own subtraction sums.

Numeracy in the woods with Mrs. Megarry's class

P2 Mrs. Joyce's class loved rolling the dice to make our own adding sums. We have been working really hard to learn how to use a number line to help us. 

Mrs Megarry's Primary 2 children are creating the story of 5 in numeracy

Primary 2 really enjoyed working out our sums in the woods. 

Bar chart work involving first trying the fruit then recording the classes favourite fruit

P2 have been learning about weight. We collected some moon rocks from space and then used the balance pans to work out which rocks were heavier, lighter and the same weight as each other. 

We have had great fun settling into P2.

We have been exploring Numicon and have been ordering the numbers. We even painted with them and made sure we used the correct colours.