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Hazelwood Integrated

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Mrs Douglas’s lovely class 2020-21
Mrs Douglas’s lovely class 2020-21
Mrs Anderson's  lovely  class 2020-21
Mrs Anderson's lovely class 2020-21

Nursery Audit 2021

Sinking and floating

Such a busy Friday morning enjoying all the activities in Nursery and toast made in our fire pit. 

Such a busy last day in Nursety. We had an Easter egg hunt in the woods, we toasted marshmallows, made chocolate Easter buns and had another egg hunt in the Nursery. 

We love the woods

The Adventure Playground

We love going to the woods - looking for sqirrels, rabbits and birds, climbing the trees, looking for bugs and having lots of fun outdoors.

Nursery Development Plan 2018-19

One of the Winners in the Best Nursery category at the Families First Awards

Games to play on the computer try 



Some Apps to try

Match it Up

Build it Up

Paint Joy


The children will enjoy taking home the class bear and telling their classmates about their adventures each weekend.  Meet the bears.

Try this site

www.librariesni.org.uk/sites/radh  to help boost your child's literacy skills.  This free online resource has tools, tips and fun activities to help with your child's communication and language skills.