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New to the green zone are our Primary 4's - eager to learn and develop new skills. Lots of fun activities await them with the brilliant Mrs Smyth and Mrs Watson!

Mrs Watson
Mrs Watson
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Mrs Smyth

Mrs Smyth's lovely class 2019-20

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Woodlands any day

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Woodlands any day

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Home Learning 2021

Some lovely poems

P4 had to complete a range of Star-wars activities for 'May the 4th be with you day'. They had to design star-wars characters and learn how to draw Baby Yoda. Take a look at these amazing artists!

Wonderful examples of home learning from P4

P4 have been learning how to measure at home. They went on a hunt to see what measuring tools they could find. They also made their own measuring container and completed science investigation to see which containers held the most. We have been learning to read different measurements including centimetres, millimetres, litres, millilitres, grams and kilograms.

P4 mini-beast fact posters

P4 Mrs Smyth. Visit from the RNLI. The lovely Pat told us all about where the RNLI are based around NI. She also shared lots of information and photos about different life boats. We got to try on some equipment and clothes the RNLI volunteers wear during emergency's.  We also meet the RNLI teddy life guard.

P4 Mrs Smyth. Class trip to the woods. Building sea creatures with nature.

100 Frequency Words

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