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Primary 3

Everyone in Primary 3 loves finding out about new things. It's sure to be fun with Miss Agnew and Mrs Blair leading the learning. Look for yourself and see!

Mrs Blair
Mrs Blair

Mrs Blair

Miss Agnew
Miss Agnew

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Woodlands are not on a set day.

Mrs. Blair's class 2020-21

Miss Agnew's Class

P3 all  back together. We have been visiting the Throne Woods, enjoying outdoor play and we toasting marshmallows and making toast at the fire pit.

We toasted marshmallows at our fire pit today to celebrate being back together again and enjoyed playtime outside.

Great learning in P3 in the classroom and outdoors. 

We spent time up in the woodland.  We wrote a senses poem about our time in the woodland.

We have been reading the Supertato storybooks and loving them!  We made our own Supertatos!

Enjoying the nicer weather in September by doing play outside.