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Primary 7

Mr McDaid
Mr McDaid

Mrs Szlachta
Mrs Szlachta

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Mr. McDaid's class
Mr. McDaid's class
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Mr McDaid Swimmng PE Library/ICT
Mrs Szlachta Swimming Library/ICT PE

 Woodlands any day for either class

  • Home Learning

Very proud of all of our children today who represented Hazelwood at the parish Confirmation service - a special day indeed!

Our P7 confirmation class were invited to participate in the 50th anniversary celebrations at St Mary's star of the sea Church - delighted to be a part of the history of our community!! 


P7 went black berry picking. They toasted marshmallows and then were burning their witches spells. 


P7 used microscopes to look at the chemicals that come from just one cigarette

P7 investigated how pulleys work as part of our topic the Titanic. 

As part of the P7 topic the Titanic the children designed and tested propellers

The Somme Museum

P7 went to the Somme Museum as part of their understanding of their class novel Private Peaceful. 

Bring and Buy Sale

P7 organised a bring and buy sale to raise money to buy misquito nets.  The made £260 - well done!

C.S.Lewis Trail

P7 at the School of Music

Campfire in the Woods

P7 visited lots of interesting places on the CSLewis tour in East Belfast. 

Fun Making Rockets