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Primary 5

Miss Lyttle
Miss Lyttle

Mrs Breslin
Mrs Breslin

P5 topics are: 

Our Local Area

Early Man

The Cut-Throat Celts

The Ancient Egyptians 

The Spanish Armada 

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Mrs Breslin





Adventure Playground


Mrs Breslin's lovely class 2021-22
Mrs Breslin's lovely class 2021-22
Mrs Armstrong's lovely class 2021-22
Mrs Armstrong's lovely class 2021-22
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Mrs Armstrong PE




Woodlands when possible

World Book Day

The Cut-Throat Celts
Primary 5 prepared for battle in the woods with their Celts shields and woad face paints! The battle
was fierce and many brave warriors were injured…. We had so much fun on Celtic Day; we
learned some Irish words, sampled traditional bread with honey, listened Celtic myths, made
brooches and even got to record a music video about Boudicca.

To finish our topic of the Celts, we showcased the shields we made for homework in an epic battle between the tribes. The Little tribe were fierce warriors, but the Breslin tribe were victorious! 

As part of Anti-bullying month, we have been thinking about kindness. We're trying our best to say one kind word every day. To start us off, we wrote one kind word for our partner on each finger of these hands - take a look at our lovely display!

Diwali Art

Went to the woods during Diwali to make these beautiful Rangoli patterns from natural resources.
We hope the squirrels enjoyed eating the rice from our designs after we left! 

P5 had a magical Harry Potter Day!
We found Platform 9 3/4 from our playground, boarded the Hogwarts Express, made wands and broomsticks in the woods, played quidditch, made potions and cast 'Wingardium Leviosa' spells to make feathers fly around the classroom.... have a look at some of our videos and photos!

Christmas at Hazelwood

Farm to Fork

The whole school got to enjoy planting, watering, harvesting and cooking potatoes this year! Primary
5 enjoyed chopping their potatoes into chips and enjoying them around the camp fire with some
beans and tomato ketchup…..yummy! 

Mrs Armstrong's class enjoyed eating our homegrown potatoes and cooked their beans on the fire. A perfect Tuesday afternoon.

Science. P5. We made compasses using a pin, magnet, cork and water. This linked to our numeracy of direction this week.


This morning P5 enjoyed an alfresco breakfast of toasted muffins, butter and jam at the fire-pit.

Tessellation art

Spring art in the woods

We read the book Have You Filled A Bucket Today? and the kids are engaging with the display to share with their classmates how they filled their bucket. Makes me so proud! 

Drama in the Woods

P5 made paintbrushes from natural materials and expressed themselves through paint

P5 experiencing the wonderful world of IZAK9 for the first time.

P5 thought of a worry, popped it on a cloud and watched it float away #mindful

P5 completed some lovely art pieces inspired by nature ❤️❤️❤️

Spring Art in the Woods

P5 had fun making their own paint brushes from sticks and leaves today! We studied the beautiful spring flowers and created two fab collaborative art pieces.

P5 had their mummies with them in class today! 

Both P5 classes enjoyed meeting ‘together’ in the woods today for a socially distanced lesson to celebrate Integrated Month. Mrs Armstrong delivered a brilliant lesson on survival skills and taught us how to make a water filter from a plastic bottle! #IEM2021

....We still decided it was best for us not to taste the filtered pond water at he end of the lesson....

Learning and fun in P5

P5 have made wands and brooms in the woods and magical potions.... our class novel is of course Harry Potter! 

Ok... it is impossible to not dance along with these P5s!

Can you walk like an Egyptian?

Online safety video

P5 Learn About The Cut Throat Celts

Seesaw Scavenger Hunt 

P5 RB tried a live scavenger hunt with Mrs Breslin on Seesaw and here are some of the crazy images she received! 

Splendid Swans 

Look at our amazing creations! This was a STEAM activity to create a swan at home.  P5 listened to the famous Celtic story of the Children of Lir and then they were challenged to make a swan with moving wings... we were blown away with the varied and creative outcomes we received for this task!