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Nursery 2014-15

Visit to W5 with St Mary's Greencastle

There was so much to see, learn and explore in W5. The children all had such fun and were very brave climbing up very high.

The Transport Museum

The Nursery all went on a wonderful trip to the Transport Museum. We travelled in a big double decker bus. The children enjoyed exploring all the different kinds of transport. It was fun to get on board the trains. They were very surprised to see fire engines were pulled by horses in the olden days!

Visit to the Cinema

The Nursery had a lovely trip to the Odyssey Cinema to see Planes Two. The children were all very excited to climb aboard a big double decker bus. They had a great time watching the movie which was a great introduction to our next topic of Transport.

Grove Library Visit

Mrs. Douglas's class went on a visit to the Grove library where we met Petr Horacek a writer and illustrator of children's books. He read many of his stories and showed us how to draw some animals. Amelia gave him a lovely painting of Suzy Goose, one of his favourite characters. The children from all of the Nursery received a bag from the Book trust filled with storybooks and activities. Click on the links below for further details of the trip.

One World Day at St. Mary's Greencastle with Artsecta

The Ark Farm

30th Anniversary Concert

Fun in the Snow

Tossing Pancakes

Outdoor Adventures

Our Fancy Dress Party