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Primary 6

Mr McQuillan
Mr McQuillan
Miss McClenaghan
Miss McClenaghan
Mr Magill
Mr Magill
Mr McQuillan's lovely class 2021-22
Mr McQuillan's lovely class 2021-22
Miss McClenaghan's lovely class 2021-22
Miss McClenaghan's lovely class 2021-22

                                                            Monday    Tuesday     Wednesday     Thursday     Friday

Miss McClenaghan  Swimming    Library            PE            Woods or

                                                                                    Adventure Playground

Mr McQuillan        Swimming    Library            PE             Woods or

                                                                                     Adventure Playground

 My class made champ using their own potatoes and the P2s spring onions. 

Mr McDaid enjoyed eery spoonful. 

The P6s had a workshop about People and Places from Conradh na Gaeilge.  They learned about the origin of our place-names, especially those in your local area.

P6 taking part in planting the orchard. 

Making yummy buns to mark 40 years of Integration

P6 reading our class novel Under the Hawthorn Tree. 

P6 enjoying the lovely Spring weather. 

My P6 class had great fun warming up at the fire pit and making S'mores. Yummy. A special wee treat.

Mr McDaid showed his amazing juggling skills to primary 6

P6 went to find fruits and berries in the wood.

Digging up the potatoes and making chips

Hello It's Halloween

Watch out, the monsters are out

If you're all alone give your friends a shout.

The witches are cooking

And the zombies are looking

As your doorbell rings

Can you hear them scream?

Hello it's Halloween!

The most vicious monsters you've ever seen,

Hello it's Halloween.

You better watch out or you're gonna scream!

They're watching, they're looking, they're everywhere

You can see the witch on her rocking chair,

She's shouting "I'm coming to get you!!"

So you better watch out and get into your bedroom.

Johnny P6


Making potato bread

Fun in P6