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Northern Ireland100

2021 marks Northern Ireland's centenary.  As an integrated school, we feel it's important to learn about our country's past and all of it's important history and shared culture.
We had a cultural day with some workshops on Ulster Scots.

We had a visit from Sophie Kirtley, who launched her book "Our Wee Place" at Hazelwood IPS.  Sophie is a past pupil of Hazelwood IPS.  She wrote her book to celebrate Northern Ireland's centenary.

Here are some samples of the work the pupils have been doing to mark 100 years of Northern Ireland

P1s decorated birthday cakes to celebrate 100 years of Northern 


P2s wrote about their favourite places in Northern Ireland


P3 learned about games from 100 years ago.

P4s researched famous inventions from N.I.  Did you know that hot chocolate, the portable defibrillator and the penalty kick was invented in our country?


P7s learned about Northern Irish landmarks

Artwork for NI 100