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P1 have been learning all about measuring. They enjoyed measuring different classroom items as well as dinosaurs feet. They even got to measure themselves and their feet.

Mrs Byrne's P1 class are learning to add items together. We have learnt that when you add numbers together they always get bigger. 

P1 are developing their fine motor skills whilst using paint to write their numbers during play.

P1 Mrs Byrne's Class practising writing numbers.

P1 Miss Nixon's class -  Today during numeracy, we pretended to be shopkeepers and had groups visit us to buy fruit using coins up to 10p.

P1 Mrs Byrne's class enjoyed going on a number walk around the school. We looked for numbers in our school environment and copied them to our whiteboards. 

Miss Nixon's Class having fun sorting

Mrs Byrne's class learning about sorting and pattern making.