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Primary 1

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Mrs Byrne
Mrs Byrne
Miss McGrann
Miss McGrann

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Miss McGrann              PE                                                          PE                                   Library/ICT


Mrs Byrne                   PE                                                                                          PE

Woodlands any day                  Library                                                                                        

Mrs Byrne's class
Mrs Byrne's class

P1 Home Learning

Primary 1 working hard at home building and using their function machines

P1 were doing the story of the Ginger bread Man. As part of online learning they carried out a science investigation with their own Gingerbread Man.

P1 enjoying Jump Jiggle and Jive

Brilliant Pattern Work in P1

Mrs Byrne's children having fun in their first week of P1.

P1 in the woods making faces with leaves, twigs and a few stones exploring their All About Me topic.