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Primary 1

Welcome to Primary 1
Primary 1 is a very special and exciting year for all our lovely boys and girls. Mrs Byrne and Miss Nixon are sure to make this a very memorable year for you.  We learn lots of new things in literacy and numeracy and most importantly have lots of fun in our indoor and outdoor playtime.
Primary 1 yearly topics are as follows:
All About Me
Day and Night
Mrs Byrne
Mrs Byrne
 Miss Nixon
Miss Nixon
Mrs Byrne's lovely class 2023-24
Mrs Byrne's lovely class 2023-24
Miss Nixon's lovely class 2023-24
Miss Nixon's lovely class 2023-24

P1 welcomed parents into our classroom today to see how the learning journey looks in P1. The children were excited as were our parents, guardians and grandparents. We completed activities in numeracy, Art,  literacy, water, sand and physical movement. Adults and children had so much fun

P1 thoroughly enjoyed a Drumming workshop today, the children enjoyed learning about the drums, learning about rhythm and making lots of noise.

P1 have been learning about Autism this week.  We enjoy celebrating our differences and learning how to be friends with everyone. We wore bright colours alongside our school uniform to celebrate Autism. 

P1 Mrs Byrne enjoyed a story today with Mrs Blair. The children loved sharing a story and introducing themselves to Mrs Blair. 

Fun in P1

St Patrick's Day Crafts 

World Book Day 2024

Positive Mental Health talk by footballers Andy and Josh from Larne Football Club. 

Click on the pictures below to see what we have been doing.

Kids Science Clipart Images – Browse 14,123 Stock Photos, Vectors, and  Video | Adobe Stock


Lots of P1 Fun

P1 enjoyed having visitors in to speak to us about the importance of recycling.