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Coding with P7

This year our staff have been working very hard along side The Nerve Team from Belfast. We successfully achieved 'The Empower Partnership Programme' in December 2021 and are now completing phase 2. Throughout the programme our staff have been trained in using ICT tools within the classroom to create interactive and engaging lessons for all pupils. Some of these tools have included the use of QR codes, Kahoot! Interactive quizzes, virtuality resources such as Quiver app and MR Maker, Mentimeter, Adobe Spark Post to create resources and Flip grid.


We have also been training in the use of a wide range of coding equipment. We are developing our pupils critical thinking and problem solving skills. These include Bee Bots, Spheros, Robotic arms, micro- bits, Dash robots, Remote controlled Rugged racers, Lego with small motors and Rugged Vehicle for outdoor use.