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Health Week in Nursery


Alongside our usual healthy snack we had some extra treats for health week.  We had strawberries one day, cheese and broccoli bites (made by Mrs Lowell) - delicious, water melon, carrot cake, berry smoothies and corn on the cob cooked at our fire pit. 

We grew some carrots which we pulled up and turned into carrot cake. Yum yum!!

The Nursery spend most of their day outside so we get lots of exercise.  We go to the woods at least twice every week which is a great walk for our young Nursery children. During health week we went for some extra walks too. On Friday we were lucky to join in with Jump Jiggle and Jive organised by Miss McGrann. 

The Nursery children did an assault course, lernt about Healthy eating and had a great mindfulness session with Mrs Anderson. Such a busy day to finish off a super health week. 

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