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Mr McQuillan's Primary6 Class taking part in active math's game boards for area and perimeter.

Mr McQuillan's Primary 6 class. As part of their numeracy this half term, they have been looking at using money and budgeting. As part of this, the pupils created their own Christmas market stalls.

The Great British Bake Off

Miss Courtney's class  having lots of fun during Maths Week doing their own version of 'The Great British Bake Off'. The children used their knowledge of number and measurement to bake two delicious cakes! 

Both p6 classes took part in a bake off for maths week where the pupils used maths skills including money, addition, multiplication, measure and fractions to buy ingredients and then bake food for their class.


Alison was the lucky judge! 





Primary 6 enjoying a maths lesson  on measure

P6 having fun learning their Rules of Divisibility using their gameboards! 
Always fun to play in class and again at home!