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Can I thank all our parents and carers for their incredible food donations for our Harvest Table.  All donations were picked up by "The People's Kitchen" an organisation which helps the homeless and those families less fortunate than ourselves. They were overwhelmed by the generosity of our families.  Every item will be distributed to families in Belfast who are in great need.  As you can see from the attached photo all our donations were able to fill a whole van!

Please check inside your child's Homework Diary for their attendance percentage for September.  We ask that you please sign to show you have seen the entry.  During these still difficult times we understand that taking time off due to illness is understandable but we all are aware of the importance of being in school everyday on time.

Each half term, children with an attendance percentate of 97% and above are entered into a draw to win a £20 movie voucher!  This is to promote how important excellent attendance is to the education and well being of all pupils.  Thank you for your continuing support.

Can I take this opportunity to thank you all for your support this term.  I wish all our families a safe half term.  See you all on 1st November!

Mr J McDaid (Principal) 


This letter is to inform you that some of our students in school have severe food allergies to peanuts/nut products. It is important that there is strict avoidance to this food in order to prevent a life-threatening allergic reaction. We are asking your help to provide the student with a safe school environment.

Any exposure to peanuts/nuts may cause a life-threatening allergic reaction that requires emergency medical treatment. To reduce the chance of this occurring, we are asking that you do not send any Hazelnut or products that contain nuts such as Nutella, Ferrero Rocher etc to school with your child that will be eaten in the classroom, and please read the ingredients on any food your child is binging in to ensure no nuts or nut traces come in to school. Hazelwood is a nut free school and we rely on parents to help us maintain this.

If your child has eaten peanuts/nuts before coming to school, please be sure your child’s hands and face have been thoroughly washed before entering the school.

We appreciate your support of these procedures. Please contact me if you have any questions.



Dear Parent/Guardian,


Just a quick reminder about the option to purchase a book bag for your child for September. The cost is £5. We would encourage you to purchase these bags instead of a School Bag for your child. These are designed to fit under desks (saving space) unlike school bags that hang off the back of chairs or fall on the ground and cause a tripping hazard.

You can purchase these bags via Parentmail. If you have any questions or problems with this, please give the school office a ring.

We would appreciate your co-operation in this matter.

Many thanks



Dear Parent/ Guardian,

I hope that you and your family had a great summer and managed to enjoy the sun when it was here and made the most of the rain.

Last Thursday I was issued with some guidelines from the Department of Education (DE) on the reopening of schools. Having then met with the Senior Management team I can now give you some details on how Hazelwood will reopen. I like yourself had hoped that we would have a return to normal operation in September. However unfortunately that will not be happening yet. However, I am able to cautiously make some changes. 

The first day of the new term is Wednesday 1st September.

·     School Bags: Pupils can once again bring school bags/pencil cases to school. The pupils in P1-3 have been encouraged to use Book Bags rather than school bags. These book bags are considerably cheaper to buy and more practical in terms of storage. We would encourage parents from P4-7 to reuse the school bags you already have as I am sure any that were purchased before lock down remain in good condition.

·     Class starting/home time: There will be no staggered starts. All year groups will begin at 9.00. P2-3 will finish at 2.00. P4-7 will finish at 3.00. Staff will be on duty to supervise and assist all our pupils as they arrive on their first day. Registration will close at 9.05. Any pupil marked after that (except those pupils travelling on the bus) will be marked as being late.  



Start Time

Class entry point

Home time

Class exit


Parents of pupils starting Nursery  have already been informed of the starting arrangements for their child.


Parents of pupils starting P1 have already been informed of the starting arrangements for their child. After an initial phased return all P1 pupils will fully return on Monday 20thSeptember 9.00- 2.00


9.00 am

Both classes will use the main door at the front of the school. Pupils must wait in two  separate class lines at the front until they are escorted into the school by a member of staff   

Mon –Frid 2.00 pm

Fri- 2.00

Both classes will leave by the same side doors they entered.


9.00 am

Both classes will enter the separate side doors by their class in the middle playground. This will be labelled

Mon –Frid 2.00 pm

Fri- 2.00

Both classes will leave by the same side doors they entered.


9.00 am

Both classes will enter the separate side doors by their class in the middle playground. This will be labelled

Mon -Thurs 3.00 pm

Fri- 2.00

Both classes will leave by the same side doors they entered.


9.00 am

Both classes will enter the separate side doors by their class in the front playground. This will be labelled

Mon -Thurs 3.00 pm


Both classes will leave by the same side doors they entered.


9.00 am

Both classes will enter the separate side doors by their class in the front playground. This will be labelled

Mon -Thurs 3.00 pm


Both classes will leave by the same side doors they entered.


9.00 am

Both classes will enter the separate side doors by their class in the front playground .This will be labelled 

Mon -Thurs 3.00 pm


Both classes will leave by the same side doors they entered.


·     Pupils in P4-7 will have signed zoned areas in the front playground where they must gather each morning before being escorted to class. They must remain in the area designated to them.

·     Pupils should not be in school before 8.50am. They will not be supervised. Breakfast club is available for pupils who need to be in school before 8.50am.



Parents entering school grounds. DE guidelines remain that;

·     Parents/ Carers are not to congregate in the school grounds. 

·     Parents / Carers are to wear face coverings while on the school grounds and keep 2 metres apart

·     Parents/ Carers are not to enter the school building unless they have made an appointment.

School Uniform:

·         All pupils are expected to be in full school uniform with black shoes.

Wrap Around Care:

·         Breakfast club will commence on the first day back (Wed 1stSeptember) from 8.05am

Payment details will follow in due course.

·         We hope to organise an After School and Homework club this term. However, we are not in a position to start this yet. We will give you further updates if we are in a position to do so. 

School Dinners:

·     With appropriate mitigating measures in place we feel we can now have a full return of school dinners for all pupils who wish to have a cooked dinner. Dinners will be available from Wednesday 1st September.

Further details on how to pay for those not in receipt of Free School Meals will follow in due course.

The arrangements we have put in place are in compliance with the DE guidelines. We have taken every possible measure to ensure that we reopen the school so that is a safe place for our pupils, staff and families. All these arrangements are subject to review. At the time of writing this letter N. Ireland had recorded the highest number of Covid positive cases since in pandemic began. We continue to have the highest number cases in the UK. If I feel that I need to review and change the arrangements in school, then I will do so. For this reason, I urge all our parents and careers to play their part in ensuring that we have a school reopening that is as close to normal as possible and we have no further disruption to the learning experiences of all our pupils   

Your child’s teacher will communicate with you regarding specific arrangements for their class. There will be further details on the school reopening later this week.

I look forward to welcoming you and your children back to Hazelwood on 1stSeptember


Thank you to those parents who have completed our survey so far, we really appreciate your feedback.  We would like to encourage as many parents as possible to take 2 minutes and complete the survey about what clubs/activities that you would be interested in for yourselves.

Hazelwood Integrated Primary School was established over 36 years ago by a small group of parents?

Parents continue to play a special role in our school. We have a tradition of supporting the families and communities which our children come from. We would like your input on how we can open the school up to our parents and carers.

Whether it's a football team, a yoga class, art group or a dander through the woods, we would LOVE to hear all your ideas!

Please click on and open the link below (or copy and paste into your internet browser) and take 2 minutes to complete the questionnaire. Let us know if there would be any activities you would be interested in attending. We would love to hear all your ideas!

Thank You




22nd April 2021



Dear Parent/Guardian,

As you will be aware the NI Executive issued guidelines about the restarting of Breakfast Clubs within schools from Monday 12th April 2021.

From Monday Breakfast Club will start again from 8.05am in the School Assembly Hall.  If you wish your child to avail of this club, please pay on the Parentmail App between Friday 3pm and Monday 8.15am.  The cost is £2.50 per day, you just need to purchase the amount of days you will need for the week.

If you have any queries, please contact the school office in the first instance.



Celebrating Difference Trek




As part of our Personal Development and Mutual Understanding programme we will be focusing this month on developing an increased understanding and appreciation of social and cultural differences within our society and encouraging our Hazelwood children to celebrate these differences.


To launch our programme ‘Celebrating Difference TREK’ on Monday 19th April we are having a Rainbow/Diversity Day and are asking children to come into school in a Different Coloured Top to represent and celebrate Hazelwood’s inclusive ethos.


As part of the programme, over the next two weeks, we will be encouraging children to demonstrate our TREK values of


both to each other and the wider community.


We would really appreciate your support in this initiative by encouraging you child over the next two weeks to perform random acts of kindness whenever possible which can then be shared and celebrated in school.

We are working together with the charity CANCER FUND for CHILDREN for our TREK programme and are asking parents, grandparents and friends of our Hazelwood community to give to this brilliant charity through either a donation directly to the school on Monday 19th April, sent in with your child in a sealed envelope, or through logging on to the Cancer Fund for Children’s Just Giving page, https:/www.justgiving.com/fundraising/celebratingdifferencetrek


Schools collectively in North Belfast are involved in promoting and celebrating inclusivity and diversity this month and we hope you as parents will encourage your child to perform as many random acts of kindness as they can. Please encourage your child, as we begin our TREK journey, to understand better what it is like to ‘walk in other people’s shoes’ and be assured all the proceeds donated will go directly to support the work of Cancer Fund for Children in helping children/young people suffering from cancer and their families, particularly in these difficult times.


Traffic Management

As you are aware, we have been working to improve safety for all on our school site we would like to bring to your attention the following important points: 

  • BLUE BADGE HOLDERS ONLY are permitted to park at the front of the school. We would ask you NOT to park on the bend behind the Nursery as this is blocking traffic flow.
  • Show respect and patience on our site when collecting or dropping off your child - this includes complying with requests from staff. DO NOT drop off your child at the roadside or on a zebra crossing this causes traffic disruption and delays.  Please also refrain from doing u-turns at zebra crossings, this is very dangerous for pedestrians and other road users.
  • Do not park and leave your car on double yellow lines, or blocking safe access by parking on bends especially at the back of the Nursery, this causes a health and safety risk to our children and is an inconvenience to school buses who cannot park in their normal place where they pick up children and causes traffic delays
  • Be vigilant for young children on site, they can be unpredictable. We would especially ask parents NOT to let your child roam freely around the school at drop off or pick up times, we have noticed an increase in this over the past week and would ask for your co-operation.  Everyone's safety is everyone's responsibility.
  • Please DO NOT park in front of residents driveways or block their access to their homes .  We would ask you to be courteous to residents who live in the area directly around the school.

 If parking continues to be a problem we will have to look at whether we allow cars onto the school site or not, so your co-operation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

If you have any concerns please as always, contact the school office in the first instance.

Mr J McDaid (Principal)


No one thought that when we closed the school on December 18th 2020 we would not fully open again for 14 weeks. Last week we finally welcomed back all 451 of our wonderful pupils from each of our 16 classes.  

Despite our teacher’s careful planning and preparation for this reopening, nothing prepared us for the overwhelming positive response from our pupils. Despite the unprecedented disruption and challenges in their young lives they returned to their classes with enthusiasm and joy. Friendships were reunited. Sand trays became messy again. Marshmallows were toasted. Goals were scored. Songs were sung and classrooms were once again full of curious and happy learners.    

The strength of their spirit and the resilience they showed last week was commendable. I thank all our parents and guardians who worked so closely with your child’s teacher to help minimise the disruption in your child’s learning during the school closure.  

While we know that the resumption and re-engagement with learning has just begun, I want to assure you all that Hazelwood’s dedicated, committed and hardworking teachers and classroom assistants will be there for your children at every turn as they resume their learning.

I want to also take this opportunity to wish all our families a safe and happy Easter break.  See you all on Monday 12th April.

Mr J McDaid (Principal)


As you are already aware, all pupils from Nursery to Primary 3 will return to school as normal on Monday 8th March until Friday 19th March. At the minute these pupils will return to remote learning on Monday 22nd until Friday 26th March, although this week may be subject to change.

Teachers will need time to plan and prepare for the school restart after a considerable 9 week closure.  As I am sure you will appreciate, this will not be a 'normal' return to school.  Teachers will need to plan how they will support the emotional health and well-being of our youngest pupils.  They will also need time to plan for the undoubted impact this school closure has had on pupil's learning.  This will need careful curriculum changes in each year group.  For this reason, I have asked all teachers of pupils from Nursery to Primary 3 to focus on planning and preparation for the school restart on Monday 8th March.

Although these pupils will continue to receive planned learning activities via SeeSaw or packs, these teachers will not be giving feedback on the pupils work.

Teachers will be meeting with me and the Senior Management Team next week to ensure that Hazelwood is well prepared to fully support and welcome back all our wonderful pupils from Nursery to Primary 3.

Thank you for your continued support during this second (and hopefully last) school closure.

Mr J McDaid (Principal)



I am sure you will have heard on the news and social media the Northern Ireland Executive have made the decision that schools are to re-open for Nursery - P3 only from 8th March to 22nd March.  Home learning will continue for those pupils in P4-P7 as normal.

From 22nd March - 26th March ALL children will resume home learning.  Supervised learning will continue in school for Key Worker and vulnerable children only.  Easter holiday's commence from Monday 29th March to Friday 9th April inclusive.  School will be closed for everyone during the Easter Break.

We are awaiting guidance from the Department of Education regarding the restart of face to face teaching for years 4-7.  When we receive this, we will of course be in touch with you.

I am sure you are aware the situation is very fluid and we will keep you informed of any updates as and when we get them.



Thank you to all the parents and carers who completed the home learning audit before half term.

Although the feedback you gave was overwhelmingly positive, it is important that we listen to your views on how you and your child have coped with home learning during this lockdown.

Your invaluable suggestions and feedback will be shared with staff at a meeting today, and used to make any improvements that are needed.

Many thanks




As a school we want to ensure that we continue to support your child's learning during this period of school closure.  It is therefore important that we have an idea of the challenges our parents and carers are experiencing managing home learning.  We know that home learning will continue until at least 8th March so it is important that we know how things are going and if there is anything we can improve.

Every teacher at Hazelwood  is committed to minimising the impact this school closure has on your child's learning. You can help us do this my taking 5 mins to complete this Home Learning Questionnaire.  Simply click on the link below and this will take you directly to the questionnaire . It is completely anonymous. We will use the information you tell us to help us support you and your child.

The questionnaire will remain open until 3.00 this Friday (12th February)

I hope you and your families are all safe and well.

Thank you for your continued support

Mr M Daid





Further to the previous communication regarding the Half Term Break next week, there will be NO remote learning during this time and teachers are not to be contacted.

Remote learning will commence again on 22nd February and teachers will be available again from then.

We appreciate your help and co-operation in this matter.



A quick update as to what is happening next week.

We have received notification from the Department of Education that Schools are NOTrequired to open next week for Key Worker and vulnerable children.

Therefore, school will be closed next week Monday 15th to Friday 19th February inclusive.  School will re-open again for Key Worker and vulnerable children only, from Monday 22nd February.

Parents/Guardians of Key Worker or vulnerable children who usually attend school during lockdown, if not already done so, please could you email acrothers069@c2ken.net and let the school know which days you require your child to be in school after the half term break.

If you have any queries please get in touch.


We wish to commend those of you who are continuing to support you child with on-line homeworks and who are communicating with your child's teacher via See Saw or Google Classroom.

However, I would ask that you note the following:

  • Any information regarding changes in pick up or day to day organisational issues to come through the school office please.
  • Please do not expect a response from your child's teacher if you send a message after 5pm - any issues will be followed up the next school day.
  • Any urgent information that needs to be communicated should come through the school office..

Thank you for your support with this.



Further to a Board Of Governors meeting last night, it has been decided that no sibling or family photographs will be able to take place at this time.  If the situation changes in the future we will invite the photographer back at a later date.

Your child will still get their individual photograph taken.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.


In order to facilitate 'out of hours' communication, alerting the school to a positive test result for COVID 19 for a pupil or members of the household, parents should use the following school mobile number 07709 245598 held by a member of the leadership team.  This should only be used from 4.30pm -10.00pm on weekdays and and 8.30am - 10.00pm on weekends.  Please note that this number is not for general queries or advice.  You will be asked to confirm your child's class, date of last attendance in school etc.  We can then communicate with parents (via Parentmail) in relation to pupil/staff attendance.

During the school day (8.30am - 4.30pm) communication alerting school to a positive test result should be by telephone (school office number 028 90 770421) or by email: info@hazelwoodintegratedps.belfast.ni.sch.uk.

I would remind you that pupils who are unwell should not be sent to school.



Please see below for a few reminders:

  • Nut Free School - please check any item your child brings for break or lunch, they should not contain nuts or nut products.
  • Healthy Lunches - do not include crisps, chocolate, sweet items or fizzy drinks.  A small treat is acceptable on Friday.  Thank you for your co-operation with this.
  • Traffic Circulation in the morning has improved - thank you for your patience with the new systems.  Please do not park and leave your car on the double yellow lines - find a parking space if you have to deliver your Nursery/P1 child to their classroom.
  • Please do not drop your child off in the middle of the road and please be respectful of our neighbours and do not block driveways etc.
  • After a brief settling in period in September, lateness will now be recorded from 9am irrespective of your child's starting time.  It is also important that your child is not on the school's premises before 8.45am.
  • Free School Meals - It is vital that you have re-applied for free school meals since June 2020 or you may not have eligibility, this can easily be resolved through an urgent application.

If you have any queries about the above, please contact the school office in the first instance.

Have a great weekend!


Milk will be available again from Monday 5th October 2020.  This will be available each term at a cost of £12 per term (3 terms in the year). 

If you wish your child to have milk in school then we would advise you to pay via the Parentmail App, this is the ONLY payment method we will accept, the cost is £12.  The payment option will be open on Parentmail from 3.30pm today.


Payment should be made by Monday 5th October 2020 at the latest.  We cannot accept payment after this time and you will have to wait until the next term starts.


As we near the end of our first week of whole school return, we thank you for your efforts to support our procedures and guidelines for the "new normal".  Going forward please note the following:

1.  Children can bring washable water bottles and lunch boxes to school.  It is essential that they are thoroughly washed each day.  Please ensure these are named.

2.  Please note that our healthy lunch and snack policy still exists - do not send chocolate, crisps or unhealthy snacks to school - a small treat is allowed on a Friday.

3.  Children eligible for Free School Meals will receive a hot meal in the dining hall daily from Monday 7th September.  The children will remain in their class bubble in the hall and will be closely supervised by staff. Paid school meals will be available soon.  Please find the School Meals Menu attached.

4.  Parent access to School grounds - The traffic flow has been monitored this week.  From Monday 7th September ONLY disabled badge holders and P1 - P3 parents will be allowed access to the School site to drop off their child in the morning.  The dashboard slips we provided are only to allow access, these are NOT parking permits.  Please encourage your child to go into school on their own - there will be staff available to ensure they are safe.

Parents of children from P4 - P7 should drop their child off at the gate please.  The one way pedestrian crossing will be in use.  

Pick up - The same guidelines apply.  P1 - P3 parents, please do not park your car in the bus lay by outside the Nursery, or block other cars in.  If there are no spaces, park outside the school and walk in to collect your child.  Please consider this as part of your routine.  P4 - P7 children should be collected at the gate..

5.  Friday's - please remember school finishes at 1.30pm for P2 & P3 children, at 1.45pm for P4 & P5 children and 2pm for P6 & P7 children.  All bus children will go home at 2pm - please ensure they are met at the bus stop or know they are to walk home.

6.  Please try to adhere to the staggered entrance and exit times.  This is in place to ensure your safety and that of your child.



Breakfast Club will begin again on Tuesday 1st September at 8.05am.  The cost will be £2.50 per child per day.  Please purchase how many days you need for that week, any unused days will be carried forward. 

 We CANNOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES accept cash.  Please pay via the Parentmail App with a credit/debit card or using PayPal. If you do not have the Parentmail App, please speak with the School Office who will talk you through the process of how to download and use it.

Payment can be made from 3pm each Friday afternoon until 8.15am on the Monday morning only!

Many thanks


Dear Mrs Douglas, Hazelwood Integrated Primary School has sent you a message


Dear Parent/Guardian,

As we look forward to our school term starting for all our children on September 1st, I want to write to thank you for the positive spirit with which you brought your children to school this week.  We were delighted to see them and they all seemed happy to return.

Our priority over the next few weeks is to settle your children back into class, discover where they are in their understanding and knowledge and plan how to proceed with the learning going forward.  Please be patient as homeworks will not be in place for the first 2 weeks - and when they start we will rely on remote homeworks and Bug Club.  Spellings and tables may start earlier.

  • Please note start and finish times for the next few weeks:

                                         Start                                Finish

          P2                          8.45am                            1.50pm

          P3                          8.45am                            1.55pm

          P4                          8.55am                            3pm

          P5                          8.45am                            2.45pm

          P6                          8.55am                            3pm

          P7                          8.45am                            2.45pm

Children will be directed to their classrooms by members of staff from 8.45am.


  • Please do not bring cars on to the school site unless your child is in Nursery - P3.
  • Dinners next week will be packed lunches for Free School Meals children only.  All other children must bring a packed lunch in a disposable bag.  Info regarding School Meals will follow at a later date.
  • Please remember we cannot accept cash going forward and you must be registered with Parentmail to pay for things like milk, breakfast club and also Nursery contributions will be paid via this method.
  • Breakfast Club will begin again from Tuesday 1st September from 8.05am - please pay through the Parentmail App for this.  
  • There will be no supervision for children before 8.45am so please DO NOT send your child before this time unless they are attending Breakfast Club or they will have to remain outside if they arrive early.
  • We will continue to communicate with you as things change.  Please be aware that we are always working within the Department of Education and Public Health Agency guidelines.

In the meantime if  you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the school office.

Mrs P Murtagh (Principal)






School transport will recommence next Tuesday and the morning and afternoon runs will be our normal timetable.  It is vital that your child has their bus pass, a smart pass (purchased through Translink website which you can top up) or the exact change for the driver as no change can be given on the bus service.

Also your child's hands will be sanitised on their way onto the bus and before they come into the school building.  

Staff will be wearing a mask, visor and gloves and your child will only be allowed to sit with their family groups or children from their class bubble.

Please remind your child that the highest standard of behaviour is expected on the bus and no food can be consumed.

Please be early for pick ups as it will be very difficult to facilitate children who are not picked up.

Any queries to the school office or to the bus escort.

Thank you


Just to clarify starting dates regarding your child as there is some confusion around this. 

Your child has been allocated a day this week for an induction  ONLY - this is to meet their teacher, see where they are sitting in the classroom and discuss school procedures and practices regarding COVID 19.  This DOES NOT mean your child is in everyday from then on, this induction is for 1 day only.

Your child will officially start school FULL TIME on Tuesday 1st September at the start and finish times already sent out to you.



Just a few reminders to bring to your attention:

  • Children should not arrive at school before 8.50am each morning.  There is no supervision before this time and children will not be permitted into school until after this time,
  • If you are entitled to free school meals, please remember to submit your application to the Education Authority as soon as possible.  School cannot provide a meal for your child unless we have been notified by the Education Authority, so if  notification has not been received by the time your child starts school, please send in a packed lunch each day in a disposable bag.
  • No school bags, pencil cases etc should be brought to school.  A work pack will be issued to your child for use in school with all the supplies they need.

We look forward to welcoming the children back after such a long break.  In the meantime if you have any queries, please contact the school office.


The Education Authority have released a statement regarding applications for Free School Meals/Uniform claims for the upcoming School year, please see this below:


"Current eligible families - Parents/Guardians who are currently in receipt of support for the 2019/20 school year will receive a pre-populated application form from the Education Authority, which must be completed and returned.  Forms to begin arriving week commencing 6th July 2020.

New Applicants - New applicants will be able to apply online via the EA website from Wednesday 8th July 2020.

To help avoid any delays, please endeavour to complete and return your application form with any supporting verification documentation as soon as possible.

Our staff will process completed applications as quickly as possible and during the peak processing period of July-September it may take up to 6 weeks to process your claim.  We would appreciate your patience and understanding during these times.

For further information and to apply, please visit our website eani.org.uk/financial-help/free-school-meals-school-uniform-allowance."


We as a school would encourage you to complete the application form as soon as possible in preparation for starting back to school in September.  The EA should confirm whether your claim has been successful or not.  If you do not receive this confirmation by the time school begins again you will need to pay for School Meals or send in a packed lunch with your child.  Free School Meals claims are not backdated by the Education Authority so the sooner you get your claim in the sooner you will hear from them.

We will contact you in late August with arrangements for starting back and the processes put in place around how School will operate etc for our children and staff.

In the meantime have a great summer and see you all in September.

As we finish the school year at Hazelwood I am writing to you to thank you all for your resilience and support over the last 15 weeks. The work you have done, the care you have given your children and the ongoing determination of the community to keep smiling through this pandemic has been exceptional. The uncertainty remains however and I am writing to inform you of arrangements for September as we know them.

• Hazelwood will reopen on Monday 24th August for our P7 children and this will be an induction week for the other classes also. This will focus on the pastoral needs of our pupils, their health and wellbeing and the enhancement of a ‘reconnect’ between pupil and school. This will be timetabled for each year group and will involve a morning session in small groups. Specific details regarding dates and times will be provided  in due course.
• Hazelwood is hopeful that we will re-open for all our children on September 1st  - but there will be different arrangements in place and we will let you know about these in August. In addition, we hope that full school weeks will be possible – this may change.
• Arrangements regarding staggered arrivals/collections may be necessary and details will be communicated to you as soon as we can.  All parents will be asked to remain outside school buildings to reduce footfall and the potential spread of the virus. There may also be restrictions in accessing the school grounds by car.
• Pupils are asked to ‘air’ their  school uniform every day and if it can be washed that would be helpful.
• School bags or other items from home should not be brought into school.  Packed lunches should be in disposable packaging. We will provide individual work packs in class.
• No guidance has yet been issued to schools with regard to transport or school meals.  Details will follow.
• At Hazelwood  our school staff will be reinforcing the good practice that you are undertaking at home, to educate your children in the necessary measures for minimising the spread of the virus, e.g. ‘Catch it, Bin It, Kill It’, thorough handwashing, maintaining social distance etc. we trust that this good practice will continue.
• It is your responsibility to access and follow school communications e.g. Website ,Facebook, Parentmail etc.  Please ensure that you regularly access those platforms to stay in touch.

Finally, please note -

In light of Covid precautions we will operate a cashless system via Parentmail from the new school term – more details will follow.

Please be aware that this information is subject to change in light of evolving DE Guidance.

As always if you have any queries please get in touch.

Have a lovely Summer and we look forward to seeing you all in September!



Tomorrow, Wednesday 17th June, you may come to school to collect your child's report, PE kit, coats and any other belongings etc from the Assembly Hall from 9.15 am - 2.15 pm.

There will be a one way system in place. Entry is through the double doors at the side of the hall.  2 metre distancing measures and hand sanitizing stations will be in place.  No more than 4 will be permitted into the hall at any one time.  Exit is on the far side of the hall.

Please follow the instruction of Staff - DO NOT bring your children.  If you have any queries please contact the School Office in the first instance.

We would appreciate  your co-operation in these matters


As we are starting our planning process for school reopening in September, we will have a Staff meeting on Monday 15th June.  Please do not expect online work from your child's teacher on Monday.

School Reports can be collected from the School Office from Wednesday 17th June.  Please note social distancing measures will be in place - only one person in the porch area at the School Office at any one time and if queuing please observe the 2 metre distancing rule required.

Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.



As we are coming to the end of our 11th week of school closure, I hope you are well and enjoying the exceptional weather.  Staff at Hazelwood have been meeting regularly on Zoom since lockdown  monitoring how remote learning has gone for our children.  

We have noticed a big drop off in engagement since the beginning of May and this is very worrying considering the gap it creates in your child's learning.  We would ask you to ensure that your child logs in everyday and does as much of what their teachers has prepared as you can.  Teachers are working very hard daily to prepare this work.  Please focus on Maths and English work, especially Bug Club - please try to complete all books and activities before the end of term.  If you need paper based work packs or any technology to support your child please get in touch.  After Mid June teachers will be tying up loose ends regarding learning and will not have such packs available so please get involved now.

School Reports will be available for collection from 17th June onwards - these reports will be based on the shorter school year we have had and may not have the same detail as previously.  We will remind you regarding arrangements for collection of reports closer to the time.  Any queries please get in touch.

Looking forward to seeing all our talented children in Hazelwood's Got Talent!

Mrs P Murtagh (Principal)


Dear Mrs Douglas, Hazelwood Integrated Primary School has sent you a message


Dear Parent/Guardian,

I want to thank you all on behalf of the Board of Governors , for your efforts in the home schooling of your children over the last 2 months . The parents have always been an important part of a child’s education and “our new normal” has made the parental contribution the most important element.

In the coming months when the school gradually re opens under new guidelines, the school will have to operate in new ways. The Board of Governors are committed to providing the resources required to make the school a safe place for the pupils and staff. 

When the Department of Education brings out the new guidelines on the operation of the school, your cooperation will be essential to make them work effectively.

The school will keep you informed over the coming months so that all the stakeholders, the pupils , staff and parents can work together to ensure that the pupils experience of school in its new mode will be rich and rewarding

Keep safe and stay well

Colin Petrie


Board of Governors



We are currently in our 9th week of lock down and this 'new normal' is now in place. I wish to thank all of you for your support in keeping some level of routine and normality for your child through on line learning - if you have any issues with that please get in touch with the school and if your child's teacher has been in touch with you I ask you to respond. 

 I wish to thank all the teachers who work long days setting tasks - teaching and responding to your children's work and to those staff in all roles who are supporting key workers families keeping the administration and cleaning regimes up and running and to those who are helping with preparation for opening later in the year.  As yet we have no idea how or when our school will open but we will keep you informed of plans.

This Friday 22nd May and next Monday 25th May had been allocated to staff training and Bank holiday break - please be aware that your child will not be sent any work by their teacher on these days - time has been allocated for staff to write reports. These will be sent to you by end of June with some adjustments due to the reduced time your child was in school. 

In the meantime we would love to see your Sports Day adventures and at a later time your Hazelwood's Got Talent entries.Keep an eye on our website and Facebook for updates.  Please stay safe and take care - I will be in touch soon. 

Mrs P Murtagh (Principal)


The link below is for parents/guardians to browse through, who have children with difficulties in Literacy. It is from the EA Literacy service and is mainly aimed at children with specific learning difficulties but there are lots of helpful ideas there for all children to help with literacy!

The Education Authority’s Literacy Service provides support for pupils, schools/guardians and parents in the area of specific learning difficulties, especially Literacy.

Please see the link below to get started.


Please see the link below for a fun fitness session with Jump Jiggle and Jive.  


LIVE jump jiggle and jive class 

Thursday 7th May at 10.30am 

On jumpjiggleandjive facebook page 

LINK TO VIDEO INVITATION  - https://youtu.be/8-XvtJ8Cmq4


Please click on the link below or copy and paste into your internet browser for a video from the Education Welfare Department about tips and hints on how to get through home schooling during lockdown and useful numbers and contacts if you are struggling in any way at home.  




Dear Parent/Guardian,

It is hard to believe we are into our 7th week of lockdown!  We hope everyone is keeping well and staying safe at home.  Teachers continue to provide work via the See Saw and Google Classroom Apps, if you are having any difficulty accessing these, please contact your child's teacher or the school office for assistance.

For those parents/guardians who's children would normally receive free school meals when at school,  we would like to advise you, if you are not aware already, that you are entitled to a payment equivalent to the daily amount for a school meal.  This is payable from the Government into your bank account on a weekly basis.  If you have not received payment as yet or would like more information, please ring the school office.

In the meantime please continue to follow Government guidelines regarding the Coronavirus and we will hopefully see your children back at school in the near future.

Stay safe, stay home.

Mrs P Murtagh (Principal)



At the start of our new term, we welcome you all back to school if in a different format.  It has been good to see the coming and going of remote learning beginning again.

We commend and thank you for your work in this area - keep up the good work!

If you are having difficulties in any way, please get in touch with your child's teacher as soon as you can.  Staff will be in touch with you where there are issues or if we haven't heard from you.  We all want to help in any way we can to make the situation work for our children.


Please also see the link below for advice about claiming Free School Meals Allowance.



We hope that in our second week of home learning that you have managed to find your way through the packs,

through Bug club and Seesaw. I have been getting feedback from staff P1- P6 that a substantial number of parents have not logged on to the Pupil See Saw app through which much of the work is being uploaded.


There is a second Seesaw app that also must be downloaded- This will allow you to receive work from teachers and children can also upload work back to their teacher. An information sheet was sent out with the home learning packs. Also some home learning packs are still in school and can be collected at your convenience. It is of vital importance that your child is keeping in touch with some kind of school routine over the next few months - If you have any queries please get in touch with your child's teacher via Seesaw.

In the meantime - stay home stay safe!


As we near the end of our first week dealing with this exceptional situation, can I first of all thank you for your support and your work with your child so far.  

Please do not stress about getting everything done, do as much as you can each day.  Have a quick walk, some fun time etc.

Do ask for help from your child's teacher within  school hours as far as possible and they will respond as soon as they can.  We will send out regular communication and if you need to contact the school, please ring,  or if we are closed use this email address info@hazelwoodintegratedps.belfast.ni.sch.uk as this is being monitored.

Mrs Allen is available on Friday 27th March to help with telephone queries.

In the meantime take care and stay safe.

Mrs P Murtagh (Principal


A quick reminder that school will be closed next Monday 16th (for Staff Training) and Tuesday 17th March (St Patrick's Day) and therefore pupils should not attend on these days.  School will re-open as normal on Wednesday 18th March.

sports Relief

Friday 13th March is Sports Relief Day and we are all encouraged to "get moving" a little bit more, whether that's cycling, running, walking, swimming or just generally getting out and about more!

We are asking children to come to school on Friday wearing something Red and bring in £1, all proceeds will go to Sports Relief.  Children do not need to wear their uniform this day.

So come on! What are you waiting for?! Get up, get out and do "Whatever Moves You!"


The School Photographer will be in school on Thursday 12th March from 9.30am to take group photographs of Nursery, P1s and P7s.  There will also be an opportunity for those pupils that missed out on their individual photo to have their photo taken.  

If your child did not get their individual photo taken last time, please let the school office know and we will ensure it is taken when the photographer visits next Thursday.



If you are entitled to Free School Meals but have still to submit your application form to the Education Authority please do so immediately. We cannot provide your child with a Free School Meal until we have been advised by the Education Authority of their eligibility.
Application forms were issued at the end of June and are also available here:
Completed forms should be returned to the Education Authority, not the school.
Until you receive confirmation of eligibility from the Education Authority please send payment (£2.60 per meal) or a packed lunch. There can be no exceptions.


Just a quick reminder that Hazelwood IPS is a NO SMOKING ZONE and therefore smoking is NOT permitted on school grounds or at the school gates.  Recently there has been an increasing amount of cigarette butts appearing in the school grounds and at the school gates and we would ask you to please be considerate to other parents and children and make sure you are well away from the school and school grounds before lighting up.


After an inspection of the School grounds this morning and in the interest of Parent and Child safety, it has been decided that the School should close today Wednesday 17th January.
The safety of our Parents and Children is paramount and we have not taken this decision lightly.  The School will hopefully be open as normal tomorrow Thursday 18th January but please keep a check of our Facebook Page, Website and Parentmail for any further updates.
Stay safe and stay warm


As you are aware the School site is a busy place in the mornings and afternoons as children are dropped off and picked up.  Please take extra care in your movements around the site - especially when driving around the Zebra Crossings.
We need to keep all our children and parents safe.
We would appreciate your help and co-operation in this matter.


Just a quick reminder that some of our students in school have severe food allergies to peanuts/nut products. It is important that there is strict avoidance to this food in order to prevent a life-threatening allergic reaction. We are asking your help to provide the students with a safe school environment.
If you are sending food in with your child, please check it does not contain nuts or nut products.
Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated


As Christmas approaches, we are aware of what an expensive time it is.  Therefore we would encourage you not to buy gifts for all the Staff who teach and support your child - a box of sweets for all to share or a homemade card is most welcome.
Have a lovely family Christmas and thank you for your support throughout the year.


As you all know the festive season is almost upon us (as if we needed reminding!) and it's that time of year again when the Children will be treated to a traditional Christmas Dinner by our School Meals Kitchen.
This will take place on Wednesday 6th December.  The cost is £2.60 (Children in receipt of Free School Meals do not need to send in money).  If you want  your child to have a Christmas Dinner, please send in the money by Friday 1st December.
Children are also permitted to wear Santa Hats, Reindeer Antlers etc  on Wednesday 6th December, and join in the party atmosphere!


Breakfast Club
This weekend everyone who purchases a weekly pass for the Breakfast Club electronically via the Hazelwood App will be entered into a draw for one free weekly pass, worth £10.
If you would like help accessing the App please contact Alison in the School Office.


An increasing number of children are being dropped off at school at 8am and are being left unattended and unsupervised.
There is no Staff allocation at this time to supervise your child.  Please use the Breakfast Club Facility for a cost of £1 per day, this is for SUPERVISION ONLY and does not include Breakfast.  
Children are supervised in the playground from 8.40am.  Your child should NOT be dropped at school before this.


This Friday (24th Nov) is known as Black Friday and  also with Christmas on the horizon staff and students (or parents of students) may be planning  to purchase new personal devices including tablets, laptops etc. 
 To avoid the unnecessary purchase of Microsoft Office (including Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc) please note that staff, pupils and guardians do not need to purchase Microsoft Office as it  available free with a C2k username on up to 5 personal devices in 4 easy steps (see below)
Each child in school should have a Username and Password that they use for the computers in school and this is what you will need in order to be able to download the Microsoft Office Package.
2.Enter C2k username in the format  auser123@c2ken.net
3.At the next box enter (i) your C2k username auser123 and (ii) password
4.Download the version of Microsoft Office you require
If you have any queries please contact the school office.


A sincere thanks to you all for your contribution to recent Charity Events.  We raised £694 for Children in Need and £1600 for Action for Deaf Youth.  Also a considerable amount was also collected for the Poppy Appeal.


Peace Proms is a production featuring the Belfast Children's Peace Choir which is made up of 3,000 children from Primary Schools across Northern and Southern Ireland, this includes our own School Choir.  This production takes place on Sunday 25th February 2018 at 3pm in the SSE Arena, Belfast.
Tickets are now on sale via www.ssearenabelfast.com or telephone 028 90 739074.  Tickets are £15 each or £13.75 for a family group of 4.  These usually sell out quickly so please get your tickets asap to avoid disappointment!
If you have any queries, please ring the school office.


Just a quick reminder about the Healthy Choices Afterschools Club aimed at p4-p7. This will run each Tuesday for 5 weeks beginning today from 3pm-4pm.  There are still places available for this.  It is a great opportunity for children to learn the importance of healthy eating and show them how to look after their bodies physically and mentally with plenty of advice and practical experiments.  The cost of this is £15 (£3 per week). If you would like your child to attend this club, and have not already sent in the registration form and money, please contact the school office.


Our Primary 7 children will be going to Hazelwood College tomorrow (Friday 10th November) for their Remembrance Service.  They will leave school around 9.30am and will be walking down.  They will return in time for lunch around 11.30am.  Those Primary 7 children who are in the School Choir will be going to Stranmillis as arranged.   Please ensure your child brings a coat and sensible walking shoes!  


HEALTHY CHOICES AFTERSCHOOLS CLUB   This is an Afterschools Club aimed at p4-p7.  It will run each Tuesday for 6 weeks beginning tomorrow from 3pm-4pm.  It is a great opportunity for children to learn the importance of healthy eating and show them how to look after their bodies physically and mentally with plenty of advice and practical experiments.
The cost of this is £18 (£3 per week).  If you would like your child to attend this club download this form Health Choices After Schools Club.


REMINDER ABOUT HEALTHY LUNCHESAs part of our approach to Healthy Eating at Hazelwood, we ask that you support us by ensuring that your child's lunch is healthy.  Some ideas are attached.Friday is an opportunity to give your child a treat - this means ONE SMALL chocolate bar OR crisps and please remember we are a NUT FREE school.



This letter is to inform you that some of our students in school have severe food allergies to peanuts/nut products. It is important that there is strict avoidance to this food in order to prevent a life-threatening allergic reaction. We are asking your help to provide the student with a safe school environment.

Any exposure to peanuts/nuts may cause a life-threatening allergic reaction that requires emergency medical treatment. To reduce the chance of this occurring, we are asking that you do not send any Hazelnut or products that contain nuts such as Nutella, Ferrero Rocher etc to school with your child that will be eaten in the classroom.

If your child has eaten peanuts/nuts before coming to school, please be sure your child’s hands and face have been thoroughly washed before entering the school.

We appreciate your support of these procedures. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Mrs P Murtagh, Principal


The children will participate in a fitness session to raise funds for Action Deaf Youth.  Please sponsor your child to take part in this fundraiser which will take place on Thursday 19th October 2017.  Children should come to school in sports gear.  We hope to present a cheque at assembly on 26th October 2017.
Please find attached a Sponsor Form and we would ask that you print this out and use as soon as possible.  We were hoping to distribute these at school,  but due to the weather and school closures this is not possible at present and we wanted to get the form out as soon as possible.
Please also note that on Thursday 19th October (this Thursday!) children should come to school in Sports Gear in preparation for our fundraiser fitness event.  Any Sponsor Money should be sent in to school by Thursday 26th October 2017.
Charity events are always well supported by our parents and children and we hope this will be no different.  Thank you in advance for all your support for this very worthy cause.

the sponsor form can be accessed below.

Sponsor Form



Please be advised that Chess Club begins this Wednesday 11th October from 3pm-4pm in Mrs Watson's Classroom for all those that have expressed interest in attending this


The school operates a Breakfast Club which offers a nutritious breakfast and adult supervision from 8.05am; entrance is via the top Assembly Hall door at the side of the school. Children must not be left unattended before the Club opens and only children who are attending the Breakfast Club should be in the school building before 8.30am.
Breakfast Club costs £2.50 per day – pre-booking is not essential but is helpful for those who wish to come on a regular basis. A weekly pass at £10 is available and this can now be purchased electronically via the School App. The pass will be available for purchase between 3pm on Friday afternoon and 8am on Monday morning each week. Weekly passes can also still be purchased in cash; payment for part-time attendance is only possible by cash at this time.
Please note that the pass must be used in full each week – it is not possible to carry forward single unused days to future weeks.


Just a quick reminder that the school photographer will be in school on Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th September to take Family and individual child photographs.

If you wish to have a family photograph (this can include babies and other siblings) please return the reply slip that went out in your child's school bag last week. Family photographs will be taken on Tuesday between 8.30am and 8.45am.

If you have any queries, please contact the school office.


Chess Club will begin again on Wednesday 11th October 2017 for children in Primary 4-7. The club, which is run by Logic NI, will be held after school each Wednesday from 3.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. in Mrs Watson’s Primary 1 Room. There is no charge for this club. If your child loves chess or would like to learn, then maybe they would like to come along and have some fun!
Your child will receive a permission slip for this club today - if you would like a place in the club please complete this slip and return it to Mrs Watson (limited spaces available – first come, first served basis) by Friday 22nd September. Your child will be notified if they have a place.
Mrs Watson


Just a quick reminder that Hazelwood IPS is a NO SMOKING ZONE and therefore smoking is NOT permitted on school grounds or at the school gates and we would ask you to please be considerate to other parents and children and make sure you are well away from the school and school grounds before lighting up.

Your help in this matter is appreciated.