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Eco Schools

Every class has planted potatoes. The children are helping to water and look after them. We are all so excited to see them grow. 

P4 went bug hunting in the woods

RSPB Bird Count

Many of our classes were out birdwatching as part of the RSPB bird count at the end of January.  The Nursery even made binoculars for their little teddies.

Our Eco Code 2018/19

This year is our 8th year as an Eco-School and we are hoping to receive our 4th Green flag. Here’s what we have been doing recently in Hazelwood with Eco-Schools.

More information about the Eco-Schools Programme can be found at http://www.eco-schoolsni.org/

 Biodiversity (wildlife):
Many of our classes have been making bird feeders and hanging it up around the school grounds. The gardening club made Minion bird feeders.


We have been learning about different types of birds in our local environment. We used an app called ‘Pic Collage’ to insert photos of birds we might find locally and labelled each one correctly. We then used our binoculars to take a walk around the school grounds to see if we could spot any birds nearby.

P2 made binoculars and went up to the woodland bird watching. They kept count of how many birds they saw for the RSPB’s Big Schools Birdwatch.

Hedgehogs are currently in decline across the UK. In the 1950’s there was approximately 36.5 million hedgehogs in Britain. Today it seems likely that there are fewer than 1 million hedgehogs left.

What can we do to help? Watch this YouTube video on how to help hedgehogs in your garden.


We have been monitoring our solar panels to see how much energy we are saving. Have a look at our eco notice board in school to see our figures.

Here are some tips on how to save energy and how to reduce waste at home! http://www.recycling-guide.org.uk/rrr.html

Mr Mc Daid’s class have been learning about renewable sources of energy. They made solar panel powered fans and also made wind powered buggies, which they raced in the playground.


We were given this bird house to add to our school grounds and the ECO council decided to place it at the front of the school to attract the local birds. We then went on to make our own bird feeders for the birds to eat.


Space seeds
P6 are soon to be receiving their Rocket Seeds from RHS gardening. The pupils will grow approximately 200 seeds and monitor their growth. The purpose of the experiment is to see whether zero gravity affects the growth of seeds. To ensure it is a fair test some schools will be given seeds that have been in space and others will be given seeds that have remained on earth. The space seeds spent time on the International Space Station with scientist and astronaut, Sir Tim Peake.

Watch this space to see our seeds’ progress.

Watch a video from Sir Tim Peake by clicking on this link.

Our Space Seeds have arrived and are already beginning to grow in the P6 classrooms.

We are a litter free school. Please throw any rubbish in the bins around the school. Our pupils are often out collecting litter that blows in through the school gates.

P4 carried out an investigation into what makes up the litter in our school grounds. Apparently bottles were the most common items of litter found.


Captain Clean Up

At Hazelwood we complete litter picking throughout the year.  We entered into a competition  and won.  The prize was  Captain Cleanup came to visit us in our school.
We were taught a new litter picking dance, got to practice sorting out our litter and were presented with a certificate.
Captain Cleanup also talked to the Eco Committee after.  He was so pleased with how well are school grounds are kept.
The certificate is displayed on our school ECO board in the Red  zone.

School Grounds
The gardening club have been trying to tidy up the school garden. They have planted trees, pulled up weeds and have even started to paint the shed. Lots more work to be done.


Meet Fauna, our Eco Warrior Scarecrow.  She was Highly Commended in this year's IEF Garden Show.  Mrs Cunningham and the Gardening Club worked hard to make sure she was made completely from recycled materials.  Well done!

Visit IEF's Facebook page to see Fauna and the other Scarecrows in Antrim's Castle Grounds.


Neon Nights 2016

We celebrated our first Sustrans event earlier in the year by having a Neon Nights event. Well done to everyone who took part.

You could write “Making Bug Hotels in our gardens”

Here is our eco council receiving our bronze Sustrans award in September from Johnny. Lets hope this September we will be receiving our Silver.


This is our 2nd year in the Sustrans programme. We will soon be getting a new bicycle shelter in the P5-P7 playground. Johnny from Sustrans has kindly donated lots of prizes for the opening. So please ride your scooters or bikes to school and if your bike has a tag attached during the day - you have won a prize.

Wish you were able to carry out basic maintenance on your bike? Click on the link below = to find out how to do an M check on your bike.

Also watch out for upcoming Dr Bike sessions as an after school club.


Our action plan 2015/2016

After our Green Swat Team (The Eco Council) inspected rooms at break time today they checked for a number of things. We looked to see if whiteboards, lights, taps, computers or chargers had been left on over break time when no adult was in the room. Miss McMillan’s class were the winners. Congratulations to all boys and girls. You are doing a great job to save energy .

We celebrated Earth Hour last month! We switched off all the lights in the school for one hour to highlight the importance of helping our world by saving energy.

Look how dark the main corridor was during Earth Hour!
Look how dark the main corridor was during Earth Hour!

Our Eco warriors continuing to promote our Eco message at home. A fabulous bird feeder made out of recyclable materials.

Green Day

This year we asked for a donation of £1 per child as part of our ‘wear green day’. This money went towards twinning our school toilets with a school block in Rumphi District, Malawi, Africa.

‘Thank you for helping to flush away poverty! Your gift of £243.00 will help some of the world's poorest people gain access to safe sanitation, clean water and hygiene education.By supporting Toilet Twinning’s vital water and sanitation work, you’re helping to do something about the fact that 2.3 billion people don’t have somewhere safe and hygienic to go to the loo.’

At Hazelwood we understand and value the importance of helping those in need. We are so grateful to be a position where we can help make a positive difference to others less off. A big thank you to all the boys and girls in Hazelwood for their generosity.