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Here are 10 STEM activities that you could complete on your own or with the help from your family.    This will help keep you busy and creative at home. As always we welcome any of your own ideas -  Just send your teacher a picture on Seesaw and with permission she will upload it to the school website. Happy experimenting.



  1.  Superhero Science Experiment



  1. Can you make a coin disappear?




  1. 30 Day Lego Challenge



  1. How Strong is a piece of paper?




     5.Can you make a skeleton? Can you beat a family members time?



     6.Shadow drawing. What do you notice about the shadows at different times of the day?




  1. Egg Drop Challenge - Can you design something to the protect the egg from cracking?

         You could use straws, old toilet roll tubes or brillo pads- Anything you think would work. There are plenty of

         ideas online - however with this one, I want you to come up with your own solution!



  1. Tired of being on the iPad/x-box - Why don't you design a maze for your family to complete and see who completes it in the best time.



  1. QUICK- the dinosaurs need your help to escape!  Can you find the best method for melting ice the quickest? (any toys can be frozen)




  1. Can you put pencils through a sandwich bag without it bursting?

(Testing should be carried out over a sink/ basin) A little tip- Your pencils will need to be very sharp!